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"A happy ending, at last! A long time ago I received a scapular from Mantle of Mary and to my surprise, it was a work of art. I could not believe the level of craftsmanship, the sheer beauty of the scapular - it took my breath away. Long story short, what with a house full of guests and grandkids and all sorts of cleaning and painting projects, this glorious scapular somehow simply disappeared, never to be found. When it seemed certain the scapular was not to be found, I ordered another one. Imagine my JOY when today I opened the package to see - once again! - a stunning scapular, a true work of art. This beautiful sacramental is grandly fit for a blessing and obviously strong enough for years of wear. The design is perfection and the skill of the maker is unsurpassed. Most lovely of all is the devotional feel to's clearly made with love. Thank you so very much, Mantle of Mary, for this extraordinary scapular. You never disappoint!" (Miraculous Medal Design, K.H. )

"The scapulars did arrive today and I am very happy with them. Thank you for the work you do.  It is heartening to see a business like yours that puts such care into making beautiful, well-constructed scapulars and devotional items.  I pray Our Lord to bless you and your work. Thank you again".  (Catholic Brown Scapular 3 x 4 inch with Matching Wool Straps; Black Woven Wool Scapular with Saint Benedict)

This scapular is of the highest quality...the thickness and material of the scapular with embroidery is certainly made to last.  Highly recommend. A secular O.C.D. can only be delighted in such a beautiful ceremonial scapular. (Ceremonial Brown Scapular 8 x 10, Grosgrain Ribbon, Light Gold Carmelite Crest and Auspice Maria) Fr. S, June 24, 2022)


"The scapulars you made for me are beautiful!  So highly crafted and lovely.  I am still working on how to best wear them, as I asked for the longest length you made!  Hahaha!  Better to have the length, I figure, than to be wishing for longer!


Thank you very much for these quality scapulars.  I will enjoy them for many years!  God bless you all and your ministry.  Best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a Holy Christmas season. Blessings " 2 Extra Small Brown Scapulars with Cross) G.D.

"The Scapulars arrived yesterday afternoon and I was not prepared for how beautiful they really are!  They far exceeded my expectations!  The work and craftsmanship are exquisite!  Thank you so much!  I am wearing one right now.  I plan to give one as a gift and keep the other to give as a gift in the future." (Double-sided Blessed Sacrament and Three Hearts Devotion) J.B. Florida

"Thank you for taking the time to make this scapular, it is exceptionally well made and feels very durable!  I have recommended you to many others who want scapulars!  God Bless." A.K., Canada

"I have some health matters which often require a hospital visit at least once a year.  The fear has been that I will have to have surgery that my body will no longer withstand.  Recently, I bought a few of these scapulars.  I say my devotional prayers with my wife in the evening.  It is something we enjoy doing.  Not too much later, I had an emergent visit to the hospital once again.  My wife called my daughter, and the first thing she asked my wife, was to be sure I was wearing my Brown Scapular. There was no way to wear it correctly with all the tubes and IV’s, so the staff tied it around my wrist.  I felt protected under the mantle of our Lady.  Soon after, I was well and going home. I am thankful for the gift of Mother Mary’s blessing." (#1, Brown Scapular, Embroidered IHS and Marian Monogram in White) JM, WA

"I am very close and familiar with the Brown Scapular.  I ordered several because they were so beautiful and looked like they would hold up under continued wear.  They have been a blessing for me and for others as well.  They are soft and strong, and a silent prayer for my tears and my joys.  I have given several away as gifts and I am happy to say that four of those people have been enrolled and invested in the Brown Scapular.   What a blessing!  Thank you." (Brown Scapular, Embroidered IHS and Marian Monogram in  Blue and Gold) DLM, MLT, WA

"A few weeks ago, I received one of your Brown Wool Scapulars as a gift from my Mom. It is beautiful and unique. What impressed me the most was the quality and comfort. The wool is so soft that I don't even realize I am wearing it. No itching! I always have it on; however, one time I took it off to shower, not realizing it, I put it in the wash with my clothes. I was sure it was going to be destroyed like others in the past. To my surprise, it looked like new, not even a wrinkled corner. I am really enjoying it. What a great gift to receive!"#1, Brown Scapular, Embroidered IHS and Marian Monogram in Light Brown)  L.F., Everett WA

"I have never worn a Brown Scapular before. My skin is very sensitive, and I was worried it would make me itch or break out. I hear the word "wool" and I worry. I also have a physical job and wasn't sure if it would hold up. I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks and I haven't had one reaction. It is very soft, and easy to clean. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I am very happy. Thank you."  #1, Brown Scapular, Embroidered IHS and Marian Monogram in Light Brown) TTF, Everett WA

"When I received my Brown Scapular today (Mother Mary, the Child Jesus and Eucharist) my heart was touched by heaven!  It takes my breath away! Beautiful!  Thank you! J.T. Mercer Island, WA

"I recently received my two beautiful hand made to order embroidered Brown Scapulars from Mantle Of Mary.  As a Secular Carmelite, I always wear a Brown Scapular as a symbol of Our Lady's love and protection. Besides being so beautiful, they are very comfortable to wear, and of the highest quality.  I have had many compliments on their beauty and quality.  I just love them!

 Thank you so much!" R.R. 

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