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Custom scapulars and other items are handmade for you in 1-3 weeks (depending upon the quantity, design and size of the wool panels) then mailed thereafter.   Those items listed as "Pre-Made"  are in stock and ready for mailing. 
Requests for handmade custom Scapulars may be purchased  by clicking on the scapular product you like and pressing ADD TO CART.  You may also simply send a check or money order for the listed price of your scapular with a note to our mailing address.  If you have a custom request, we like to receive that information by email prior to your purchase so that we may answer your questions.
Once you have placed your order, we will receive a notification of your order and will begin to make your custom scapular after receiving payment as explained below.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of your scapular with shipping thereafter.  Larger scapulars and those with additional embroidery will require a little longer for finishing.

Payment by mail:
 To pay by mail, send your check or money order, to Mantle Of Mary, PO Box 1920, Veradale, WA 99037-1920.  You may send a note by email ahead of time to let us know so that we may begin planning for your scapular, Linen, or rosary.  Once we receive your payment and complete your scapular, you will receive a notification of mailing and tracking number. 

Payment online:
If you prefer to pay online by E-Check, in order to have your scapular completed sooner, please send a note through the email, or contact page providing your order number and shipping address.  We will send an email to you with your Payment Invoice shortly thereafter.


You may find brown wool on the internet by searching "scapular making supplies" or "scapular making kits" or "brown scapular kits - cord".  You may find them also at scapular of mount Carmel (dot) com


On a limited basis, we provide wool  and cord for sale.  Please send a note for availability if you are interested. 


Those listed as "Pre-Made" will ship in 1 to 3 business days.  All other scapulars are individually hand made for you after we receive your "Pre-Order"  Completion time varies depending on the design. Scapulars without design will be completed in 7-10 business days, embroidered scapulars up to 1 - 4 weeks.  If you have questions about when your scapular will be completed, please feel free to contact us in advance of pre-ordering.   We do not have local pick up available.  Orders are mailed upon completion. 

HOW DO I MEASURE FOR STRAP LENGTH - Is there a standard length

You may give us your preferred strap length at the time of your purchase in order to customize your scapular. 

Calculate the strap length by measuring from where you would like the top of the front panel to sit and over your shoulder to the top of where you would like the back panel to sit.  That measurement will be the number you provide to us for making your scapular. 

Straps are available in a variety of  widths: 1/8 or  3/16 wide ribbon, 3/8, 5/8, 7/8 inch wide black or brown grosgrain for larger brown scapulars,  and 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch wide cotton twill. We also make matching wool straps by special request in 1 to 3 inch widths.  Rolled cord is available in black, brown, white, gold, wine, black and navy.

DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA?  Do you offer your scapulars, rosary collection or other custom products in stores or other locations?

All of our products are custom hand made to order.  The Mantle Of Mary designs are first hand drawn, then special ordered.  You will not find Mantle Of Mary Scapulars in stores with the exception of our website here, our Etsy Store (Mantle Of Mary).  The A.V.U.N brown scapulars are made by Mantle Of Mary and sold only through the Apostoli Viae Community only and are only found in their Community store.


For International Orders, please visit our store on Etsy at


No purchase is necessary to request ONE free Mission Brown Scapular.  The Mission Scapulars are single panel with single stitch prints ironed to the wool. 


Send a double-stamped self address envelope for ONE Mission Scapular.  We are not able to send multiple free scapulars.  At times it may be 4-6 weeks to receive your Mission Brown Scapular due to the volume of requests we receive. 

We are not able to send "Free Bulk Quantities" of Mission Scapulars.


Your privacy is important to us.  When you provide your information to us, we will use this to communicate with you to fulfill your order and for mailing your scapular.  We may also use your contact information should you need assistance with a custom or group order, or for arranging a return of  your item.  


We offer the dark brown polyester middy braid for most of our scapulars.  This strap is 3/16 inch wide.   The rolled cord (also known as "RT" cord is available on a limited bases.  The "RT" cord does not hold up as long as the 3/16 wide polyester middy braid.  We offer black and dark brown polyester grosgrain in various widths and a very sturdy black coreless paracord with zero inner strands. We  make custom matching wool straps for larger brown, white and black scapulars.   White cotton twill is available for white wool scapulars on a limited basis.  By special order and additional cost, we offer hand dyed cotton twill.

What Fiber or Material Do You Use to Make Scapulars?
Is It Okay To Wash in Washing Machine?

We make our Scapulars with 100 % woven wool.  We do not use felt, boiled wool, or Serge.  We do not make custom scapulars with cotton or polyester.  We offer brown, black and white wool scapulars.

We clean our Woven Wool Scapulars in the following manner:

Cleaning your Small Woven Wool Scapular (Larger / Ceremonial Scapulars must be professionally Dry-cleaned)

  • Use a gentle soap with no bubbles.  We use lanolin soap for wool.

  • Fill a washbasin with enough lukewarm water to cover your wool scapular.  Add a little diluted wool soap to your basin. 

  • Submerge your wool scapular in the basin gently.  Do not agitate to avoid felting your wool scapular.

  • Soak 3-10 minutes.

  • Remove the wool scapular from the water and pour out the water.  Add fresh lukewarm water to the basin. Gently submerge the wool scapular again and then remove. Do not wring out or twist the scapular.

  • Lay the wool scapular flat on a clean towel and gently press the water out. 

  • If you like, press out the wool scapular using your fingers toward the edges of the wool scapular to reshape.

  • Let dry. A lint brush is helpful to remove dust or lint after your scapular is dry.

Returns, Refunds, Adjustments

It is important to us that you are very happy with your custom made scapular.   If your scapular is not what you had expected, please send a note to us within 14 business days to make arrangement for an adjustment, refund or remake. We are able to accept your returned scapulars if they have not been worn. 


 You may mail your package back to us with your notes, or you may ask us to send a link to our Returns Portal for a return label.  

Should you like adjustments or a remake of your scapular, please contact us first for costs.  We will ask that you return your scapular along with the package materials if available and provide any notes that you would like us to know inside your return package once we have made those arrangements with  you.  Alteration costs may apply for remake.

The Item I would like is Out of Stock, May I Pre-Order that Same Item

If you would like to have a Rosary, Banner or Scapular made that is currently showing "Out of Stock" you may send a request for this design through the "Contact Page" and we will send your Invoice by E-Mail.  

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