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(Item #26) Brown Scapular with Crown of Thorns

Brown Scapular, Extra Small to Small in Three Sizes (1.5 x 2)  (2 x 2.5)  (2 x 3) with Custom Ribbon Length and Color Options. Embroidered Auspice Maria, Cross Surrounded by Crown of Thorns.



This brown scapular is made to order and available in three sizes.  Machine sewn and embroidered wtih a small cross surrounded by Crown of Thorns and Auspice Maria.   Made with 100 percent woven wool double panels. The edge finish is overlocked and triple stitched.


1.  Blue/Grey/Gold (as shown in photo)

2.  Bronze (Designs in solid bronze color)

3.  Blue (Auspice Maria in Blue) Cross and Thorns in Gold

All of our brown scapulars are made to order. Please allow 10-15 business days or less to make your brown scapular.

If ordering several brown scapulars, longer time is necessary to complete your order. Please check with us for preparation times if ordering multiple brown scapulars.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Please feel free to ask questions about our brown scapulars prior to ordering.

Thank you.


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    Your satisfaction is important.  If your order is not what you expected, contact us within 3 business days of your delivery date. 

    You may cancel any time prior to shipping.

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  • Listing Photographs as Examples

    Each listing has a photographed example of a made to order brown scapular. The photographs are of previously made scapulars. When you place your order, your scapular will be made as you requested with color, size and ribbon length. Each brown scapular we make is unique and may appear slightly different since each has been made individually.

    This listing is for a "made-to-order" brown scapular. 

Scapular Size (Wool Portion)
Color Option